Tariff Consultancy Ltd is currently developing the programme for the 7th 2-day Mobile Pricing Symposium, the premium conference and research event for global mobile pricing.


The importance of mobile pricing
Mobile Network Operator pricing has become a key differentiator in competitive markets. Mobile pricing is a critical component in maintaining ARPU, customer loyalty and reducing churn levels. And as mobile markets approach maturity around the world maintaining competitive pricing in developing markets is also becoming more important.


About the Mobile Pricing Symposium (MPS)
The Mobile Pricing Symposium (MPS) is a unique event organised and run by research and analyst firm Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL). Being an analyst firm TCL can provide a unique insight into the main pricing and business trends that are impacting Mobile Network Operators worldwide.

This event will cater for all types of Mobile Pricing, with sessions on Pre Pay Pricing & Pay Monthly pricing trends. It will also include many of the factors that impinge on pricing - such as regulation & competition – with the main preliminary topics to be covered across the 2 days.

If you are interested in presenting at the event, please email us on