Tariff Consultancy Ltd releases SnapShot 46 looking at surveys how MNOs worldwide are marketing the new Apple iPhone 6 & Apple iPhone 6 Plus devices,

Published: Sat 14 February 2015

SnapShot 46, part of the 2015 SnapShot Series, examines the growth in Apple iPhone sales, with the announcement of Apple’s record Q1 2015 results (which includes the crucial Christmas sales period), powered chiefly by record iPhone sales, which have doubled since 2012. Unit sales have increased despite the average revenue per unit remaining high – and growing in the last quarter period.


TCL surveys how MNOs worldwide are marketing the new Apple iPhone 6 & Apple iPhone 6 Plus devices, with the call, data and VIP plans that have been introduced with the launch of the new devices.  
The SnapShot concludes that MNOs in both Developed and Developing markets are providing iPhone 6 devices, with various purchase costs, ranging from USD $650 up to USD $880 (for the iPhone 6 (16 GB) device). MNOs are also offering a range of handset purchase plans in all markets, usually without any interest payments for the handset financing. The following trends are apparent:
  • MNOs use the iPhone 6 device to support a bundle of calls, SMS & various sized  bundles of mobile data.


  • For device financing, MNOs are providing greater cost transparency, with a separation of usage & handset costs.


  • In developing markets, there are fewer Post Pay bundles, but vendor financing still offers a more affordable alternative to outright handset purchase in all markets, even for the iPhone by spreading out the monthly purchase cost.
To purchase SnapShot 46 published in PowerPoint (30 slides), click here. Or alternatively you can purchase the 2015 SnapShot Series for GBP 1,295.00 including 20 SnapShots.
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