UK Data Centre Trends subscription service from Tariff Consultancy Ltd, with customers, power, space & new Data Centre developments

Published: Mon 2 November 2015

TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) has launched a new subscription service called 'UK Data Centre Trends' which examines the largest Data Centre market in Europe, the UK.

TCL UK Data Centre Trends is published twice a year and is based on a unique survey of 120 Data Centre providers with 250 facilities across the UK.


Separately, TCL has also surveyed the key customer segments for 25 UK Data Centre providers, with the largest segment being the Enterprise segment (including the public sector & financial services segments), which accounts for 21 per cent of Data Centre space and power – followed by the Hosting and Cloud segments. The UK Data Centre market is forecast to have over 669 MW of Data Centre power and 635,000 m2 of Data Centre space as of the end of 2015.


The subscription service examines the total Data Centre landscape, including total Data Centre space, Data Centre power and Data Centre pricing for the key geographical clusters. TCL has identified up to 13 geographical segments, with each segment having at least 4 Data Centre providers present.


The survey finds that the largest geographical UK Data Centre cluster remains the London & M25 area, which has over 224 MW of power, but power outside of the London & M25 area has grown rapidly to 445 MW of power. Outside the London & M25 area, the Slough geographical cluster is the largest with 79 MW of power, followed by the Manchester geographical cluster with 27 MW of Data Centre power.


Over the last six month period, new UK Data Centre space and power has been added by 14,700 m2 and 23 MW respectively – in part due to the launch of new facilities (including the Equinix LDN 6 facility) and the addition of new power in existing Data Centre facilities.


UK Data Centre pricing also varies by geographical Data Centre cluster, with the highest average Data Centre pricing found in the London & M25 area – at GBP £470 per m2 per month. The London & M25 area average pricing is around 28 per cent higher than the UK average, and is 41 per cent higher than the lowest average rate in the Manchester Data Centre cluster.


As a result, there are a wide range of price points available in the UK Data Centre market, with Data Centre providers offering bundles of power with space (including up to 4 kW of power per rack as standard) – with some 120 Data Centre providers present. There is a trend for price sensitive Data Centre customers to migrate away from the London & M25 area to lower cost facilities and regions.


The TCL UK Data Centre Trends survey also summarizes the key trends impacting the market including the following:


  • There is a price gap opening up between the London & M25 area and other regional Data Centre clusters

  • New Data Centre space & power outside the London & M25 area now accounts for two-thirds of all UK space

  • The bundling of space with power pricing continues, with selected providers offering up to 4 kW per rack to protect a price point

  • Wholesale providers are now offering Data Centre services aimed at the retail user, using flexible Data Centre facilities

  • Selected Data Centres are also offering “on demand” colocation services based on a pay as you go tariff without a fixed contract term

  • A range of new facilities are being planned, including a number of new start-up Data Centres in Scotland


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About the TCL UK Data Centre Trends subscription service: Published twice yearly, the TCL UK Data Centre Trends subscription service analyses the key trends impacting the UK Data Centre market, including Data Centre space, power, pricing and customer trends. It provides a unique analysis of market sizing and the key customer trends impacting the UK market using a survey of 120 Data Centre providers with 250 facilities from the TCL database. The TCL UK Data Centre Trends service costs GBP £999 per annum (single user licence). Further information on the TCL UK Data Centre Trends service can be found at the TCL Data Centre portal at


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