News celebrates 10 years of research with a discount of 10 per cent off new research

Published: Wed 1 June 2016

TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) today marks the 10th anniversary of research since founded in 2006, providing unique pricing analysis based on TCL’s own specialized database.


Since 2006 has developed a range of Tariff Tracker subscription services, with detailed analysis of price trends and new product launches including the following key areas:


·         Tariff Trends SnapShot Service – launched in October 2012, provides PowerPoint analysis of a pricing topic issued 20 times a year


·         Telecoms Pricing Today – launched originally in 2006, provides a daily update of new pricing issues & products with access to the archive of stories.


·         Global LTE Tariff Tracker – launched in April 2012, provides a database and summary analysis of LTE services worldwide


·         Global Mobile Broadband/Mobile Internet/3G/4G Tariff Tracker & Analysis – provides a database & summary analysis of Mobile Broadband (USB flash modem) and smartphone bundled data services worldwide.


·         Global Roaming  Tariff Tracker & Analysis – provides a database & summary analysis of Mobile Broadband (USB flash modem) and smartphone bundled data services worldwide. provides global analysis of pricing trends based on analysis from MNOs from all over the world and allows users to make decisions based on clear and concise news information. Information provided in a database format can be sorted and analyzed by the user.



Over the past 10 year period TCL has identified the following key pricing trends shown in the table below:


Figure 1: A table showing the key changes in MNO pricing – 2006 to 2016 – identified by TCL

2006 Tariff Trend

2016 Tariff Trend

MNOs offer stand-alone Mobile Data bundles, SMS & calls

MNOs offer integrated bundles of calls, SMS & Mobile Data

MNOs offer limited bundles of SMS as an add on service

MNOs provide unlimited SMS bundles as a core service

MNOs provide their own web content and portals

MNOs provide access to 3rd party content, & own content as Apps

MNOs offer limited & small data bundles, with no smartphones

MNOs offer large 4G/LTE bundles as an integrated bundle

Limited MNO download speeds, based on 3G or new 3G+ speeds

MNO speeds are now at 4G/LTE levels with LTE-Advanced services

Source: TCL



Attached a complimentary copy of the 10 year SnapShot.



The MNO landscape has changed substantially since 2006, with the introduction of the Smartphone device and greater data download speeds has allowed the launch of higher integrated bundles of Mobile Data, SMS and calls.


For existing and new customers will offer a 10 per cent discount off the list price for research products over the next 10 days – for orders received on the until the 11th June 2016.


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