April 2010

Published: Sat 17 April 2010

In the latest Triple Play & Quad Play Journal, Tariff Consultancy Ltd  finds that the price gap between Unbundled and Bundled Triple Play services has sharply widened over the last quarter to the end of April 2010 (to 35 per cent up from 32.2 per cent). The average European Triple Play monthly rental has declined, by 1.6 Euro to 35.7 Euro per month (from 37.6 Euro per month). A year ago (in April 2009) the average Triple Play monthly rental was 42.3 Euro. The fall in pricing to January 2010 represents a decline of over 17 per cent year on year). There is now an average bundled saving, across the 8 countries surveyed, of 19.25 Euro per month from using a Triple Play service (up from 17.7 Euro) - an  increase of 1.65 Euro per month, which remains the highest average saving yet recorded in our survey.

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