Top 10 Pricing Trends for 2015 revealed in SnapShot 44

Published: Fri 2 January 2015

In SnapShot 44, TCL looks at the pricing trends for 2015.
At the end of 2013, Tariff Consultancy Ltd forecast the Top Ten Trends for 2014, which are shown in the table below:
No. 1
As European pricing decline, MNOs will seek to generate additional revenues via more precise packages and out of allowance packages.
No. 2
Low cost devices will continue to spread with lower price points and monthly rentals.
No. 3
The number of LTE 4G users will continue to gain momentum but the price premium will continue to be eroded.
No. 4
Disruptive MNO pricing will continue to drive overall market rates in many markets.
No. 5
The practice of separation of the handset from usage bundles will continue to be adopted by the MNOs.
No. 6
The bundling of content and usage will continue to be used as a differentiator by MNOs.
No. 7
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plans will continue to spread sparking a rewards race.
No. 8
Roaming pricing will continue to diverge between Europe and the Rest of the World. 
No. 9
FTTH & Fibre Broadband services deployments will continue, with additional content bundles.
No. 10
As MNO pricing remains competitive, MNO cost cutting & consolidation will continue into 2015.
Most of the trends predicted for 2014 have been in evidence, but to varying degrees – with a combination of factors taking place.
The most clearly apparent trends during 2014 have been:
• The continued erosion in LTE 4G pricing
• Disruptive MNO pricing is selected markets (such as the USA & France),
• Greater transparency in the cost of the handset & usage charges
• The bundling of additional 3rd party content  
• Roaming pricing in the EU has fallen significantly with EC regulation.
The Top 10 Pricing Trends for 2015 are already happening - 2015 will see a continuation of the main trends that have been already identified.
TCL finds that MNOs will continue to differentiate their services by bundling services, rather than limiting access speeds or implementing QoS.
TCL also finds that 4G LTE services are also being provided at the same tariff rates as 3G services, and are becoming standard for Mobile Data services.
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