Consultancy and Research Services

We find that increasingly, the businesses we deal with, require support and advice to make critical decisions for pricing and tariffing services. Each requirement is different, and demands the use of a variety of a range of analytical tools and models that are appropriate to their individual needs. Tariff Consultancy provides extensive consultancy, research and training support to our client base. Selected examples of engagements include:


A project to determine pricing benchmarks for an operator's competitive positioning; a multi-market project to provide insight into Ethernet Leased Line pricing and marketing issues; a research project assessing satellite pricing in emerging markets; comparative analysis of leased-line products across a range of operating companies worldwide.


An operator required an analysis to determine customer perception of mobile pricing both for their own services and those of their competitors. The results provided insight into the competitive positioning of the operator as well as the impact of its marketing communications programme, and the relationship between brand and price positioning.

Tariff Research

An operator required in depth research of pricing and conditions across several countries to determine regional benchmarks and also comparative analysis to their own tariffs.

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