TCL maps marketing strategies of 20 MVNOs and reports core elements of their business model

Published: Tue 5 May 2015

This new report is an in-depth analysis of twenty (20*) MVNO players operating across fourteen markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. In 2007, Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) looked at 700 MVNOs in 15 countries in Europe and since MVNOs have expanded to outside Europe and are now present in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and recently also in South America.

The aim of the research was to establish the ‘Successful Marketing Strategies of MVNOs’. Each in-depth profile is built upon topics such as overview of basic service offers, price positioning vis-à-vis MNOs, disruptive business strategy, building flexibility around the basic service offer, enriching customer experience and self care apps.

The research discovers a range of different approaches and trends that are now driving the market, for example, companies active in the insurance and financial services looking to enhance their services to their customer base and develop new distribution channels by offering mobile services.


Some of the key findings are:

  • A better segmentation approach has allowed a vast number of companies launch mobile services under the MVNO model. Despite these companies’ common goal - the quest to grab mobile-related revenue streams - the path they follow to reach that goal is a source of great variance.


  • Simplicity and transparency are common themes across the majority of MVNOs. These values touch upon pricing strategy, service offers structure and website design. In certain European and North American markets, flexibility and self-service arise as key concepts. Players employing these concepts target a predominantly young clientele which is technology-savvy, digitally-connected and with few limitations to “community” integration. Personalisation through segmentation is the key theme of ethnic MVNOs who often operate extensive distribution networks that are made up of points of sale serving the ethnic communities that the MVNOs are serving.


  • Challenger MNOs offer competitive pricing, often so, at lower levels than the MVNOs in question. The competitiveness of MVNOs pricing often lies within their bundled offers rather than their base unit rates. For example, an MVNO's on-net voice pricing can be as much as 13 times more expensive than the equivalent per minute rate offered by challenger MNO, the research finds. Similarly, an MVNO's per MB rate can be as much as 19 times more expensive than the equivalent per MB rate offered by challenger MNO.


The research features case studies based on in-depth interviews.



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About the Publication

TCL’s “Successful Marketing Strategies Of MVNOs” report in 250 PowerPoint slides covers 20 players operating in fourteen markets of Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. The report is accompanied by an Excel tracker that looks at MVNOs price positioning vis-à-vis MNOs and provides a summary of core services offered by the MVNOs in question.

The report is priced at £1,795.00 (Individual profiles can be purchased at £200.00) and is available now.

*MVNO coverage

Telenet - Belgium
Sosh - France
Ay Yildiz – Germany
Cyta - Greece
Dekatel – Netherlands
Poste Mobile - Italy
Jazztel - Spain
Tuenti Movil - Spain
giffgaff - UK
Lebara Mobile – UK
Lycamobile – UK
Tesco Mobile - UK
Truphone – UK
Virgin Mobile – UK

Middle East
Friendi Mobile - Oman

Porto Seguro Conecta – Brazil
Uff Movil - Colombia
Boost Mobile - USA

Amaysim – Australia
Tune Talk – Malaysia

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