Telecomspricing's new report forecasts global usage of Mobile Payments is to expand from USD $348 billion to just under USD $1.3 trillion by 2022.

Published: Tue 11 June 2019

Telecomspricing (the brand of Tariff Consultancy Ltd – TCL) launches a new report called Mobile Payment Services – 2019 - A Survey of the Development of Global Mobile Payments in both Emerging and Developed Markets

The report examines the growing ecosystem developing around global Mobile Payments – including NFC (Near Field Communications), QR codes, digital wallets, SMS-based money transfer, remittances & alternatives to cash & digital payments (including in-store or remote payments).


Telecomspricing considers the wide range of different players that operate in the Mobile Payments ecosystem. These include digital content players such as Amazon, WhatsApp, Google and Facebook, and smartphone providers including Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi. The launch of Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Huawei Pay & Xiaomi Mi Pay is now enabling the spread of Mobile Payments worldwide.


Telecomsricing's Mobile Payment Services – 2019 report focuses on the Mobile Network Operator’s role in the ecosystem, with selected MNOs such as T-Mobile (USA), Telenor Serbia and Telekom Romania – typically entering the market in alliance with a banking partner. But in some cases, the MNO has also become a fully-fledged banking provider itself, with Orange Bank (France) launching its own digital banking service serving 248,000 customers by the end of 2018.


In emerging markets MNOs are also providing an enabling role in serving under-banked communities with mobile money, such as M-Pesa and Orange Money now becoming established across Africa. Mobile money is allowing digital transactions to be made as an alternative to cash and also allows remittances to be made worldwide - with services such as Wave (Myanmar) boosting remittances among the poorest sections of society.


The report examines the status of Mobile Payments on a regional basis in the largest international remittance countries (including China, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico & Egypt), and finds that local Mobile Payment providers, global e-commerce firms and selected MNOs are all competing to offer payment services.


Finally, Telecoms Pricing provides a forecast for global Mobile Payments for the 3 year period from the beginning of 2019 to the beginning of 2022 – and predicts that revenues are due to increase from USD $348 billion up to almost USD $1.3 trillion worldwide – a projected increase of 272% over the period.    


The report underlines the growing importance of Mobile Payments in both the developed and developing market. It identifies the key role being played by both the MNO and the smartphone device in providing access to digital financial services as a low-cost alternative to a traditional payment and bank infrastructure.



About the Telecoms Pricing Mobile Payments – 2019 report – The Telecoms Pricing Mobile Payments – 2019 report is a 68 page report and consists of 49 figures including tables and charts. It provides a survey of the development of global Mobile Payments in both emerging and developed markets and the role of the MNO (Mobile Network Operator) in the Mobile Payment process worldwide. The Telecoms Pricing Mobile Payments – 2019 report costs GBP £995 for a single user licence and can be purchased from the Telecoms Pricing website at:   


About Telecoms Pricing – Telecoms Pricing is the brand name used by Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) for its telecoms reports and subscription services. TCL is an international telecoms tariff research and consultancy organisation based in London which provides research on all aspects of mobile and broadband services worldwide. Telecoms Pricing publishes a range of subscription services including a daily TariffAlert service, Telecoms Pricing SnapShot telecoms analysis service, 3G/4G Tariff Tracker and the forthcoming Telecoms Pricing 5G Tracker. Further information can be found on the Telecoms Pricing website at:    

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