Tariff Alert launches new archive access service tracking competitive pricing in telecoms and mobile

Published: Mon 14 February 2022

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In the fast-moving mobile and telecom markets, TariffAlert has since 2009 offered an unparalleled source of daily pricing intelligence presented in a usable format of high value to pricing specialists, marketers and market research analysts in organizations engaged in these service industries.

Delivered daily across 50 weeks each year, TariffAlert monitors in extensive detail pricing, marketing packages, product launches and updates on any changes across all pricing categories in markets globally.

Uniquely, the service also provides competitive analysis across each market, background notes and statistics providing users with a deep and comprehensive resource.


In the past year alone TariffAlert published 1,248 articles, all focused on pricing.

The research, consulting and publishing company Telecomspricing is now launching a special offering to kick off 2022 with an annual subscription rate of GBP 995 – but also a new service package which provides the subscription plus search access to the TariffAlert database from 2009 at GBP 1,495.

“TariffAlert is a widely used and respected pricing intelligence service among our customer base which includes telecom and mobile operators, solutions providers and consultancies internationally,” commented Margrit Sessions, Managing Director of Telecoms Pricing, and an expert in the sector.

“With 250 issues and more than 1,000 articles every year it is increasingly critical for competitive analysis, service evaluation, research support and customer adoption tracking. Now in its 13th year, Tariff Alert is the longest continuous resource focused on pricing in telecoms and mobile services globally.”

The company also offers custom research across complex pricing projects and has assembled an extensive global pricing database and regularly conducts international research projects.

As part of the launch offer, Tariff Alert is available to new customers for a 2-month evaluation subscription at GBP 99. For more information or enquiry please contact



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TariffAlert Services from Telecomspricing include (prices are for single user licences):

TariffAlert - Try the TariffAlert for 2 months for GBP 99

TariffAlert - 12 month subscription, Daily Deliverable for 50 weeks for GBP 995

TariffAlert - Access to the TariffAlert Archive 2009 to end of 2021 for GBP 995

TariffAlert - 12 month subscription, Daily Deliverable for 50 weeks  plus TariffAlert                                Archive- 2009 to to-date for GBP 1,495


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