LTE Tariff Tracker's latest edition with pricing from over 100 LTE MNOs reveals average inclusive allowance is just over 11 GB

Published: Tue 7 May 2013

TCL has introduced the Q1 2013 edition of its Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker service which for the first time detailed data from over 100 MNOs worldwide, reflecting the continued growth in the introduction of new LTE (4G) Mobile Data services.

The Q1 2013 TCL Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker subscription service now includes detailed pricing information from some 103 MNOs worldwide from 61 countries (including Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas) - up from 89 MNOs in Q4 2012.

The latest edition of the Quarterly TCL LTE Tariff Tracker service highlights the following key trends:

  • The average LTE price worldwide is now just over $53 USD per month.     
  • The average LTE inclusive allowance is 11.6 GB per month (n1)
  • The LTE monthly inclusive data allowance varies by operator from under 1 GB per month ranging up to 20 GB, 30 GB, 40 GB & 80 GB and higher – with some MNOs offering an unlimited mobile data allowance.
  • LTE theoretical download speeds also vary by operator, with the largest LTE download speed of 150 Mbps (being used by 8 MNOs (34 price plans)) and the 100 Mbps download speed being one of the most common (being used by 36 operators (180 price plans)).
  • Selected MNOs including Smart (Philippines), Telekom (Germany) and Airtel (India) and Portuguese operators have also introduced a range of time-limited price promotions with Smart offering unlimited data for Pre Pay LTE until the end of June 2013.


Notes to Editors

About TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) – TCL is an international telecoms tariff consultancy, research & analysis firm based in London, which provides a series of Tariff Trackers which include the Mobile Africa Tariff Tracker, Fixed Broadband Tariff Tracker, Mobile Broadband, Mobile Internet & 3G Tariff Tracker & the Global Roaming Tariff Tracker, and a range of TCL SnapShot services (published 20 times a year) which deal with a topical pricing trend per issue. Further information on TCL’s services are available on the


About the Global LTE Tariff Tracker

Launched in April 2012, the Global LTE Tariff Tracker comprises of a spreadsheet analysis, quarterly descriptive summaries and free customer service. The database covers pricing for both Mobile Broadband and Smartphone offerings and allows the subscriber to compare like-for-like offerings.

The latest edition covers pricing for an 103 mobile operators across 61 countries worldwide and it is constantly being updated as operators introduce new LTE services both mobile broadband and smartphone price plans.

The TCL Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker subscription service provides price information in an easy to use excel spreadsheet format which allows the user to simply compare and filter pricing information.

Detailed LTE product information per MNO include: 

  • LTE service launch date
  • Name of LTE network vendor used
  • Whether the service is aimed at the Business or Residential segment
  • Whether the service is Post Pay or Pre Pay
  • The main locations where the LTE service is available
  • The theoretical maximum download speed provided
  • The contract term 
  • The cost per plan (local currency, Euro and USD) inclusive and exclusive of tax
  • The monthly data user allowance included
  • The out of data user allowance cost
  • Promotional pricing

All pricing is shown in local currency, in Euro or in USD and includes taxes and VAT and is sourced directly from the MNO. The product is available on a 1-year subscription basis.. 


Note 1:

Breakdown of inclusive allowances for postpaid plans based on 1-month or longer contract terms (i.e. 284 of the featured price plans have an inclusive allowance of between 1 and 10 GB).


1 GB

Between 1 GB
 &10 GB

11 GB
to 19 GB

20 GB
to 29 GB

30 GB
to 39 GB

40 GB
to 49 GB

50 GB and



283 (note 2)








Note 2:

(i.e 54 of the featured price plans in the database have an inclusive allowance of 1 GB)


1 GB

2 GB

3 GB

4 GB

5 GB

6 GB

7 GB

8 GB

9 GB

10 GB












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