TCL enhances its Telecoms Pricing Today service, your source for global pricing trends for less than £3 per day - and now with a weekly digest

Published: Wed 18 September 2013

TCL enhances its ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ service, your source for global pricing trends for less than £3 per day - and now with a weekly digest.



London – September 18th 2013 – TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) – the experts in global telecoms pricing – has today enhanced its Telecoms Pricing Today service.


The TCL ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ service provides daily news and analysis delivered direct to your e-mail account and is also accessible via the TCL website:  And now in addition to the access to all of the news stories and analysis ever published on the website, TCL also includes a weekly round up service of the key news items that can be downloaded by the user and read at leisure.


The TCL ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ covers the latest in telecoms pricing and also provides analysis of pricing developments as they occur. Additionally, it will give user comprehensive details of the hidden extras that are often contained in the pricing small print and not covered by news announcements. Old and new pricing rates are compared allowing the subscriber to easily identify the main changes.


‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ includes detailed news articles on new pricing and product launches - including the launch of new 4G/LTE services, the introduction of new PostPaid and PrePaid tariffs, the introduction of new roaming tariffs and price promotions. For all product news TCL provides analyst comment and places the launch of a new service by the MNO in context.


As a subscriber to the ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’, the user will also receive free access to all pricing stories ever published on the web portal which can give a user a quick and an easy comparison of key Mobile Network Operator (MNO) pricing trends over time.


The ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ offers worldwide coverage of pricing for network and service operators in the Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe & Eastern Europe and the Middle East and has a truly global reach. In the first six months of 2013, nearly 1,000 stories were published covering operators across 86 countries.


The ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ costs GBP 995 for an annual (single user) subscription - which costs GBP £2.65 per day over the whole year



About the ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ Service

‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ is compiled by tariff experts with over 25 years of experience in pricing. It is available as a daily delivered by e-mail and/or can be accessed via a password protected section of the TCL web portal at The service includes unlimited web portal access including access to previous articles for the evaluation of pricing trends over time, as well as a monthly index linked directly to the story.  The service costs £995 GBP for a single user licence valid for a 12 month period.


About Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL)

TCL is a telecoms pricing research and consultancy organization which provides a range of Price Tracker subscription services focused on global mobile operators, including Roaming, Smartphones, Pre Pay and Post Pay services and Mobile Broadband/LTE. TCL also publishes Price Tracker services on Fixed Broadband and Data Centre Trackers. More information on TCL’s services can be found at:




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