Tariff Consultancy Ltd publishes SnapShot 29 looking at Shared Device Service Pricing

Published: Fri 7 March 2014

In this SnapShot, TCL analyses Shared Device Service pricing plans, a new trend which has been introduced by a number of MNOs worldwide. As the number of Tablets, laptops and Smartphones per household has multiplied, MNOs have introduced a shared usage plan to be used by the whole family. The new Shared Device Service plans allow MNOs to capture additional users per household.
Shared device service plan pricing has been launched in the US market, starting with Verizon & AT&T which were among the first MNOs to launch shared family plans. But shared device plans have been adopted by an increasing number of providers worldwide. TCL has identified some 18 MNOs in 12 countries that offer Shared Family plans.
More MNOs are likely to launch shared service plans, where data can be pooled and shared amongst multiple devices. In 2013 Vodafone stated that it would be introducing a multiple device plan as part of its Vodafone Red tariff in 14 European countries – however the service is yet to be launched in any country.
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