TCL launches a new RoamWatch global tariff mobile roaming pricing service

Published: Wed 19 March 2014

TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) – the experts in global telecoms pricing - today announce the development of a new subscription service focused on the changes in mobile roaming tariffs worldwide.


Called TCL RoamWatch, the new subscription service will be issued 10 times a year in a word format, and will focus on the key new developments in mobile roaming pricing on a global basis.


The mobile roaming market has seen radical changes over the past five years with MNOs facing a number of challenges of how best to maintain their valuable roaming revenue streams.


MNOs have also had to adjust to the imposition of regulatory controls for roaming (particularly in the EU with the introduction of the so-called roaming Euro-Cap), user requirements for extra transparency in roaming pricing, and the challenge of new technological alternatives to mobile voice, SMS & data roaming. The table below - an extract from the first edition  shows that roaming prices have decreased but also increased for some operators.



Type of Comms



Change in   percentages

UK Operator / Roaming in EU

Calls back home

USD   0.63

USD   0.41


Data (MB)

USD   2.50

USD   0.76



Indian Operator / Roaming in UK


Calls back  home


USD   2.44


USD   2.82



Data (MB)

USD   6.66)

USD   13.45



Qatari operator /
Roaming in a GCC country


Calls back home


USD   1.10


USD   0.55



Data (MB)

USD   15.10

USD   4.12



US operator /
Roaming in Australia


Calls back home


USD   1.99


USD   2.50



Data (MB)

USD   16.38

USD   19.97


Notes relating to the above table:
Prices are for a postpaid subscriber, include VAT for all operators except for the US operator


Additionally, operators now increasingly offer  “add on” roaming packages, for both voice and data as well as integrated bundles including voice, SMS and data with the trend to include extra countries in their bundles. Margrit Sessions, Tariff Consultancy Ltd's Managing Director, adds that this can bring the price per Mbyte to even below ten US cents.


Each edition of the TCL RoamWatch subscription service will focus on the following four key aspects of global roaming pricing:

  • Detail the latest new pricing initiatives in roaming pricing from MNOs worldwide
  • Provide the context for the new roaming developments with the main trends
  • Compare the new roaming pricing available in a particular market
  • Provide analysis of the key new regulatory changes and announcements & their impact on roaming pricing


TCL RoamWatch is available at a GBP £995 annual subscription (for 10 issues a year). Customers that subscribe to the service within the next two weeks (until the end of March) will be eligible for a pre-publication annual subscription price of GBP £795 – a GBP £200 discount.


Further information on TCL and its services can be found on the TCL website at:



About the TCL RoamWatch subscription service - TCL RoamWatch is to offer analysis and details of new mobile roaming pricing around the world. TCL RoamWatch is to be issued as a word document 10 times a year for an annual subscription fee of GBP £995 for a single user licence.


About TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) – TCL is a London-based international telecoms pricing research and consultancy company, which also publishes a wide range of Tariff Tracker subscription products for global mobile and fixed line services. Further information on TCL can be found on our website at:



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