Tariff Consultancy Ltd launches the SnapShot 2015 - now in its 3rd year

Published: Tue 11 November 2014

Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) has today launched the 2015 series of the bi-monthly TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot news analysis service.

The TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot news analysis service provides an easy to read update and insight service into current telecoms pricing subjects and is issued in a convenient PowerPoint format of 25 to 30 pages per issue.  Each issue provides a unique insight into a newsworthy telecoms trend and is prepared by a TCL analyst.   

The TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot is published 20 times a year, with an issue available at the start and in the middle of each month, for an annual subscription fee of GBP 1,295 per annum. Single issues can be purchased for a price of GBP 195 per issue.

Since September 2012, Tariff Consultancy Ltd has launched 40 issues, areas covered include:


SnapShots published to-date include (2013 and 2014 Series)


Forthcoming editions of the TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot during 2015 will include the latest pricing trends in the French market. Handset financing, launch and pricing of new technologies LTE-A, VoLTE, and our predictions for 2015.

The TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot service will continue to be updated to provide a valuable insight into current pricing trends and new business developments.

Further information on the TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot subscription service is available on the TCL website at:


Email us on for a trial issue.


Note to the editor

About the TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot – is a subscription service that is published 20 times a year for the cost of GBP 1,295.00 per annum. It provides 25 slides of PowerPoint analysis on a current telecoms pricing trend by TCL analysts. Users can alternatively purchase a single edition of the SnapShot for GBP 145 per edition.

About TCL – Tariff Consultancy Ltd is an international pricing research and consultancy company based in London. TCL publishes a range of Tariff Tracker subscription services and one off reports on mobile, fixed line Broadband and Data Centre services. It also provides bespoke consultancy and research for telecoms operators, regulators and vendors around the world. Further information on TCL’s services are available on the TCL website at

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