TCL surveys the Smartphone purchase plans in a number of countries worldwide.

Published: Sat 10 January 2015

TCL releases SnapShot 45 which can be signed up to as an individual SnapShot or part of the 2015 series.
SnapShot 45 examines the changes in Handset purchase plans. In competitive markets, MNOs are offering low cost rentals for new handsets, which are separated out from the cost of the bundle of calls, SMS & Mobile Data. The aim is to provide greater transparency of costs to the end user, and to encourage upgrades to Smartphone devices. New low cost purchase plans are being introduced to widen the overall market. TCL surveys the Smartphone purchase plans in a number of countries worldwide.  
In the SnapShot 20 survey, TCL identified 4 generic types of handset purchase plans appearing worldwide, ranging from partial subsidy to full subsidy & Bring Your Own Phone plans.
In the SnapShot 44 survey, MNOs are still segmented into subsidized handset and separate non-subsidized handset providers, depending on the competitiveness of each market.     
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