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more...Release of SnapShot 122 - 8 months after the launch of Iliad in Italy

Published: Sat 9 February 2019
SnapShot 121 re-examiness the Italian mobile market after the launch of the 4th Italian MNO Iliad Mobile in June 2018. It follows SnapShot 110 which reviewed the market ahead of the new MNO launch...

more...New from telecomspricing, the daily TariffAlert giving you more than the headline price

Published: Tue 5 February 2019
Telecomspricing, the international pricing analysis and consulting services company, has announced the launch of TariffAlert.   The new daily analytical newsletter TariffAlert focusses...

more...Telecoms Pricing highlights the changes in Mobile services worldwide since the start of 2018 – thanks to the TCL Tariff SnapShot subscription service

Published: Tue 13 November 2018
    Telecoms Pricing, a specialist in telecoms research worldwide, reviews the key topics and trends in mobile services with the publication of its 20 SnapShot edition – looking...

more...The Road to 5G Pricing & Services - a unique new 5G service launched by Telecoms Pricing

Published: Wed 6 June 2018
Telecoms Pricing, experts in mobile telecoms pricing worldwide, has launched a new subscription service called The Road to 5G  Pricing & Services. The service focusses  on the... launches Data Centre Europe 2018 - with new & complete Data Centre profiles across 15 European Countries

Published: Thu 10 May 2018
DataCentrePricing.Com, a specialist in Data Centre Pricing and analysis worldwide, has launched a new report service called DCE-15 (Data Centre Europe 2018), with up to date reports on each key third... introduces an enhancement to its SnapShot service – with SnapShot Bundles - allowing users to connect key themes in Mobile Services worldwide at a special reduced discount rate.

Published: Tue 1 May 2018
TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) has introduced an enhancement to its SnapShot subscription service, which provides analytical coverage of the main trends in mobile services worldwide. Subscribers can... celebrates 10 years of research with a discount of 10 per cent off new research

Published: Wed 1 June 2016
TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) today marks the 10th anniversary of research since founded in 2006, providing unique pricing analysis based on TCL’s own specialized database....

more...Twitter feed to support Data Centre Pricing practice

Published: Wed 4 November 2015
Tariff Consultancy Ltd has launched a twitter feed to support its Data Centre Pricing practice - with further information to be found on the web portal.   The...

more...UK Data Centre Trends subscription service from Tariff Consultancy Ltd, with customers, power, space & new Data Centre developments

Published: Mon 2 November 2015
TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) has launched a new subscription service called 'UK Data Centre Trends' which examines the largest Data Centre market in Europe, the UK. TCL UK Data Centre...

more...New Research from Tariff Consultancy Ltd finds that MNO price levels in Europe have increased after operator consolidation, with increases seen particularly for entry-level pricing in 3 markets

Published: Mon 14 September 2015
Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL)  has published the 60th edition of its Tariff Trends SnapShot subscription service which analyses the impact of MNO consolidation on pricing levels in three...

more...TCL maps marketing strategies of 20 MVNOs and reports core elements of their business model

Published: Tue 5 May 2015
This new report is an in-depth analysis of twenty (20*) MVNO players operating across fourteen markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. In 2007, Tariff...

more...TCL celebrates the milestone of over 10,000 news items published on the TCL Telecoms Pricing Today Service daily news subscription service

Published: Mon 20 April 2015
TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd), the telecoms tariff research specialist, is proud to announce that its TCL Telecoms Pricing Today Service has now published over 10,000 telecoms news items, with over...

more...Tariff Consultancy Ltd releases SnapShot 46 looking at surveys how MNOs worldwide are marketing the new Apple iPhone 6 & Apple iPhone 6 Plus devices,

Published: Sat 14 February 2015
SnapShot 46, part of the 2015 SnapShot Series, examines the growth in Apple iPhone sales, with the announcement of Apple’s record Q1 2015 results (which includes the crucial Christmas sales...

more...TCL surveys the Smartphone purchase plans in a number of countries worldwide.

Published: Sat 10 January 2015
TCL releases SnapShot 45 which can be signed up to as an individual SnapShot or part of the 2015 series.   SnapShot 45 examines the changes in Handset purchase plans. In competitive...

more...TCL maps mobile handset portfolios of 41 players and reports minimum total cost over contract term - 22% of all handsets offered on 24-month contracts are manufactured by Samsung, 17% by Apple, 14% by Nokia and 13% by Sony

Published: Wed 7 January 2015
Mobile operators face a make or break fight when it comes to selecting the devices that will go into their handset portfolios. Not only do they need to strike a balance between high-end, flagship...
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