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Five key price trends that are driving LTE 4G services worldwide are revealed in the latest edition of the TCL Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker

Published Thu 9 October 2014
8th October 2014, London – The latest edition of the unique TCL Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker subscription service, which covers the period for the 3rd Quarter of 2014, highlights the five...

Mobile operators are using bundling to differentiate their offers and support a premium price point for LTE 4G services, with speed becoming less important.

Published Tue 23 September 2014
By contrast, LTE 4G services are being provided for all customers and are a limited differentiator. Service bundling is the main differentiator being used to attract and retain customers according...

TCL report finds rapid growth worldwide for the Telecoms Provider offering flexible New Telco Data Centres, with 28 per cent revenue growth per annum over the period.

Published Mon 30 June 2014
TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd), the specialist research company in Data Centre pricing, forecasts that Telecom Providers will see significant new growth in revenues from developing their new Data...

TCL reports 73 shared-data offerings globally that fall under four core pricing models

Published Tue 24 June 2014
Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) releases the first report of its kind that looks into shared data plan opportunities, business models and pricing structures. Shared-data plans for consumers become...

TCL introduces a free Data Centre Price Tracker Special Edition to mark the 25th edition of the colocation price subscription service after 7 years of service

Published Mon 16 June 2014
To celebrate the 25th edition of the Data Centre Price Tracker subscription service, TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) has created a PowerPoint-only version called the Data Centre Price Tracker Special...

TCL 2014 Pricing Strategies for Mobile Content Services report finds more MNOs partnering with 3rd party content providers than ever before.

Published Mon 7 April 2014
London – 7th April 2014 – A new report by Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL), the specialists in worldwide telecommunications pricing research, finds that more MNOs are now partnering with 3rd...

Pricing the Cloud - a new Tariff Consultancy report finds that public cloud computing pricing is falling by 10 per cent per annum and is set to become increasingly competitive

Published Mon 31 March 2014
London - 31st March 2014 - TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) launches a new report, which examines cloud computing pricing, trends & demand worldwide. Called Pricing the Cloud - Cloud computing...

Spring Promotion from Tariff Consultancy Ltd for the daily Telecoms Pricing Today and bi-monthly TCL SnapShot Tariff Trend subscription service

Published Mon 24 March 2014
  TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd), the experts in telecoms tariffs worldwide, today announces a Spring promotion for its daily TCL Telecoms Pricing Today and the twice a month TCL SnapShot...

TCL launches a new RoamWatch global tariff mobile roaming pricing service

Published Wed 19 March 2014
TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) – the experts in global telecoms pricing - today announce the development of a new subscription service focused on the changes in mobile roaming tariffs...

Tariff Consultancy Ltd publishes SnapShot 29 looking at Shared Device Service Pricing

Published Fri 7 March 2014
In this SnapShot, TCL analyses Shared Device Service pricing plans, a new trend which has been introduced by a number of MNOs worldwide. As the number of Tablets, laptops and Smartphones per...

Tariff Consultancy Ltd publishes SnapShot 28 looking at Pricing in the Middle East

Published Sat 15 February 2014
The six Gulf States in the Middle East are all mature mobile markets, with mobile penetration rates ranging from 150 per cent up to 215 per cent. Each of the markets is seeing growth in Smartphone...

The TCL 2014 4G LTE Pricing Strategies report finds that 4G pricing is transitioning to become just access method for Mobile Data, other features are required to ensure premium pricing

Published Sun 2 February 2014
Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL), the experts in international telecoms pricing, highlights the trends in 4G LTE pricing. Since 4G services were first launched from the end of 2009 onwards as a premium...

TCL analyses the impact of Free Mobile on the French Telecoms market, where subscriber numbers have increased overall at the expense of revenue, ARPU and market share. It shows how a disruptive new entrant has succeeded in changing the French telecoms lan

Published Mon 13 January 2014
The TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot No. 26 'French Mobile Trends' - provides an update on the changes in pricing & the impact on subscriber numbers, ARPU and revenues since the launch of the 4th...

TCL enhances its Telecoms Pricing Today service, your source for global pricing trends for less than £3 per day - and now with a weekly digest

Published Wed 18 September 2013
TCL enhances its ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ service, your source for global pricing trends for less than £3 per day - and now with a weekly digest.     London –...

Tariff Consultancy Ltd launches new product Tariff Trends SnapShot

Published Wed 31 October 2012
TCL launches a Tariff Trend Tracker subscription service which provides a snapshot of a key trend in mobile or fixed line service pricing. The first issue looks at Mobile Roaming.   TCL...
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