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Tariff Consultancy Ltd launches Country Market Pricing & Analysis Reports

Published Mon 14 May 2012
Tariff Consultancy Ltd has announced the launch of its new product line 'Country Market Pricing and Analysis'. Each country report covers details of services and products offered by fixed and...

New research into Mobile Data Pricing reveals data the data revenue is not able to compensate for the decline in ARPU in most established markets

Published Fri 11 November 2011
Data ARPU range from as low as 8 per cent up to 19 per cent of total MNO service revenues in developed markets. A comprehensive new report entitled Mobile Internet Usage & Pricing Worldwide...

Growth for European mobile operators continued in 2010, 9.5 million new subscribers in 8 European countries

Published Thu 26 May 2011
Growth for European mobile operators continued in 2010, despite some decline in ARPU and increase in churn. Overall Mobile Network Operator subscriber penetration reaches a record 125 per cent by...

Tariff Consultancy Lt is pleased to announce its 6th Mobile Pricing Symposium

Published Sun 1 May 2011
Tariff Consultancy Ltd is running its 6th Mobile Pricing Symposium for the first time in Central London from 28th September to the 30th September.   The Mobile Pricing Symposium is a...

4 million new users across 8 European countries in 6 months; And average blended ARPU increased by Euro 1.50

Published Mon 13 September 2010
London - 13th September 2010:  The subscription service published by Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) - called MNO Trends in Europe 2010 - reveals that network operators are becoming more efficient...

June 2010

Published Thu 1 July 2010
Tariff Consultancy Ltd now tracks prices for Smart Phones including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and other smart phones. The first edition holding data for over 150 operators provides a good insight...

May 2010

Published Fri 4 June 2010
A new subscription service from Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) shows a steady growth in mobile customers during 2009, steady churn but falling ARPU levels. MNOs are boosting data services and their...

April 2010

Published Sat 17 April 2010
In the latest Triple Play & Quad Play Journal, Tariff Consultancy Ltd  finds that the price gap between Unbundled and Bundled Triple Play services has sharply widened over the last...

March 2010

Published Wed 31 March 2010
The 13th edition of the Data Centre Price Tracker providing a unique survey of Rack pricing in 14 major European countries reveals  there has been evidence of price revisions in the Data Centre...

February 2010

Published Wed 24 February 2010
The latest update of the Global Roamer Tariff Tracker now covering 78 operators in 54 countries reveals that a number of operators have increased pricing for communication made outside...

December 2009

Published Mon 28 December 2009
The latest issue of the Mobile Broadband Tariff Tracker now features   post and prepaid prices for 93 operators in 33 countries.   Key changes identified include:...

October 2009

Published Wed 21 October 2009
The latest Mobile Music Tariff Tracker update now covering prices for 90 operators in 43 countries  reveals that pricing has not changed that significantly since the last update. We have...

September 2009

Published Sun 6 September 2009
Over 200 BlackBerry post and prepaid tariff plans are analysed. Click here for an extract. this report is available from 20th September and any orders placed prior to the publication date can...

August 2009

Published Thu 6 August 2009
Mobile TV offerings including more focussed content is on the increase. The latest edition of the Mobile TV Tariff Tracker now covering 112 operators in 56 countries reveals that mobile pricing for...

July 2009

Published Mon 6 July 2009
Tariff Consultancy Ltd ' latest Global Roaming Tariff Tracker incorporates all the changes made by EU operators. The report reveals that the most expensive call now is just over Euro 5 per month....
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